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Therapy Services

Child Therapist

Individual Therapy

At The LEAP Clinic, we provide therapy for children and adolescents who may need support for a range of concerns including anxiety, depression, self-esteem issues, ADHD, social skills development, anger management, or parent-child conflict. Therapy for children and adolescents will also involve collaboration with parents to help provide continued support for children outside of the therapy room.

Parenting Support and Education

Sometimes, coping with a child’s disruptive behaviors can be overwhelming. Parent training can help parents see their child’s behaviors from a new lens and teach parents more effective parenting strategies. This will empower parents to increase effective communication and minimize disruptive behaviors at home.

Mother and a Child

Beyond the Spectrum: Empowering Parents of Neurodivergent Children

Beyond the Spectrum: Empowering Parents of Neurodivergent Children is a monthly support group for parents who are looking to connect with other parents and discuss the shared experiences and unique challenges that come with having an autistic child . Therapists will be available to guide conversations, answer questions, and provide resources for families as they navigate new, unexpected experiences. Coffee and a light breakfast will be available.

Groups are held on the second Monday of every month.

Click the link here to register. 

Sibling Circle

Sibling Circle is a group designed for children who have a sibling with special needs. The group will provide a supportive environment for children to discuss the highs and lows of having a sibling with special needs. By meeting with others who have shared experiences, children can explore their own strengths, how others have handled challenging situations, and learn more about their sibling's unique needs.

Groups meet weekly and run for 8 sessions.

Group Hug

We look forward to hearing from you! Give us a call to schedule an intake or learn more about how our services can help your family.

716 N Bethlehem Pike Ste 203, Lower Gwynedd, PA 19002  |  Tel: 215-918-8145

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